Young woman
Age: -
Stabbed to death: May 2023
Residence: Filistan, Pakdasht, Tehran
Origin: Afghanistan
Children: 1
Perpetrator: Husband (48 years old)

According to a report by Herana News Agency, a young woman was stabbed to death by her 48-year-old husband in the village of Filistan. A young man was stabbed in his abdomen and transported to the hospital.

Pakdasht police investigations revealed that the man felt betrayed by his wife. He made a full confession.

He said he was married years ago to his wife, who, like him, is from Afghanistan, and they had a son together. During those years, they often had disagreements. Six months ago, his wife left home and never returned. He and his son kept looking for her, and at one point, he learned that his wife was in contact with a stranger and living with him in the village of Filistan.

Initially, he launched an attack on the young man with the intention of killing him. He stabbed the young man in the abdomen, after which the young man managed to escape. Then the man's anger turned towards his wife; he stabbed her to death and left the house.

The police are treating this brutal murder as an honor killing. In Iran, men who kill their (ex) wives because of "honor" are hardly punished due to Article 301 of the Penal Code. If found guilty by the judges, he faces between 3 and 10 years in prison.



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