21-year-old Shida in Mehrdasht strangled by her father for coming home late

Shida (Sheida)
Age of death: 21
Strangled: December 17, 2020
Residence: Mehrdasht (Isfahan province, Iran)
Ethnicity: Fars
Children: none
Perpetrator: her father
Excuse: getting home late

On December 17, 2020, the body of a dead young woman was found near the desolate village of Aliabad in Iran’s Isfahan province. After authorities established her identity, police went to visit her family. Within minutes, Shida’s father reportedly told officers that he had killed his daughter. Acquaintances of the victim labeled the murder as an honor killing. 

In Iran it is not unusual for fathers to kill their daughters because of “honor-related motives.” Several daughters have been killed by their fathers who wanted to marry a man of their own choice, or who opposed an arranged marriage, or who had been raped. According to witnesses, Shida was blamed for coming home late. 

In Iran, the law is partly based on Sharia law, which is why the punishment imposed on fathers who kill their daughters because of honor is much lower than in more developed countries with fairer legal systems. Iran should abolish Article 301 of the Penal Code. We are happy to receive any leads!

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