Femicide in Bushehr: Murder of a young woman by her husband

Parinaz Shoraki
Age: Young
Stabbed death: March, 2024
Residence: Ab Pakhsh, Bushehr
Origin: Iran
Children: -
Perpetrator: Husband, Ali Noshadi
Excuse: -

A young woman in Bushehr, identified as Parinaz Shoraki, was murdered by her husband, Ali Noshadi, earlier this year (in late March 2024) in the city of Ab Pakhsh, Bushehr Province. The murderer then attempted to stage a suicide scene to disguise the reason for her death. He claimed to medical staff that his wife had committed suicide by stabbing herself. However, according to informed sources, on the same morning, Parinaz had messaged her sister, detailing severe beatings by her husband. The source further stated that Parinaz Shoraki had been subjected to constant verbal and physical violence by her husband. Forensic experts confirmed clear evidence of beating and injury on the victim's body, ultimately leading to the determination that her cause of death was murder.



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