Femicide in Karaj: A woman was murdered by her husband because of ‘honor’

Sodabeh Nowzari
Age: 32
Strangled: September 4, 2023
Residence: Kamaleshahr, Karaj, Alborz
Origin: Iran
Children: 2
Perpetrator: husband Abbas Sajjadi
Excuse: ‘honor’

On the evening of Monday, September 4, a 34-year-old woman named Sodabeh Nowzari was strangled by her husband Abbas Sajjadi in their home in Kamaleshahr, a city near Karaj. Honor is cited as the motive. Sodabeh is the mother of two children, aged 15 and 8.

The day after the murder, Abbas Sajjadi turned himself in to the authorities and revealed the location of the body within their home.



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