Femicide in Marand: Woman Murdered by Her ex-Husband

Faezeh Omrani
Age: 34
Shot death: February 11, 2024
Residence: Marand, East Azerbaijan
Origin: Iran
Children: 1
Perpetrator: ex-Husband
Excuse: Dispute about dowry

According to the report of the Hengaw Human Rights Organization, on Sunday, February 11, 2024, Faezeh Omrani, 34, was shot dead by her ex-husband on one of the streets of Marand in front of her 13-year-old son.

According to one of Omrani's family members, Faezeh had separated from her husband, Mehdi Darkhshani, a few months before her murder due to financial disputes, and since she had not given him the dowry, she had been threatened by him several times.

The perpetrator went into hiding after committing the murder and a month after the incident, he committed suicide with a gun at one of the cemeteries in Marand, by the grave of his son who had died several years ago.



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