Femicide in Tabriz: Woman Killed and Her Body Burned by Husband

Age: 32
Murdered: April, 2024
Residence: Tabriz, East Azerbaijan Province
Origin: Iran
Children: 3
Perpetrator: Husband
Excuse: Financial difficulties

A young woman named Masumeh, 32 years old, was killed by her husband, identified as Ahmad, 56 years old, in Tabriz, and the murderer set fire to her body. the killer, in order to rid himself of his creditors, took a checkbook from his wife and gave her checkbook to all his creditors so that his wife would be responsible for all the debts. Then, in a horrifying manner, he murdered his wife to permanently escape from the debts. The killer stated that he took his wife to Jolfa, where he threw her off a bridge, stabbed her multiple times all over her body, burned her body, and threw the ashes into a well. He then went to the police to report his wife missing. This couple has three children, and their daughter, fearing that her father would come and kill her too, has attempted suicide twice.



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