Femicide in Urmia: Woman murdered by Her Husband

Samereh Mokhtarpoor
Age: 38
Suffocated: March 31, 2024
Residence: Urmia, West Azerbaijan
Origin: Iran
Children: 1
Perpetrator: Husband
Excuse: Dispute

On March 31, 2024, a young woman named Samareh Mokhtarpour, 38 years old, who was a victim of domestic violence, from Salmas County, residing in Urmia, was killed by her husband, and her body was discovered near the Mahabad road. Samareh, a graduate in law and mother of a young daughter, had been subjected to constant physical and verbal abuse by her husband.

The murderer, identified as Bahman Miqani, stated after his arrest that during a quarrel, he first rendered the victim unconscious due to repeated blows to her head and neck, and then proceeded to suffocate her with a scarf.



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