Murder trial of “Mary” has been delayed by 5 years due to ambiguity about her religion

The murder trial of an American woman known as “Mary” has been delayed by 5 years due to ambiguity about her religion. According to a story from Fartak News, Mary, an American-born mother of two was murdered by two younger men during her trip to Iran. The suspects claim that Mary insisted to have an affair with them but the assailants were only motivated by robbery but that their plans escalated to lethal violence when Mary fought back.

Although the alleged assailants have confessed to their crimes, the defense lawyers are pursuing a dismissal in the grounds that as a non-Muslim woman, Mary is not entitled to justice. According to Sharia-based laws in Iran, life of women is valued as 1/2 of men and non-Muslims are worth 1/2 of their counterparts.

As part of his fight for justice, Mary’s husband, identified as Ramin, is trying to prove that the victim had converted to Islam prior to their nuptials in the US. Despite the available documentation, the defense is exacerbating the case, claiming that Mary’s recently diseased mother who was unquestionably Christian also had a legal claim for the murdered daughter, however due to her recent death the matter appears inconclusive.

The courts have yet to decide if as a Muslim woman of Christian heritage, Mary has any right to justice.

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