Ziynat Mazidi (20) beaten to death by her father in Deh Now in Iran because she wanted a divorce

Ziynat Mazidi
Born 2002
beaten to death: 24 March 2022
Residence: Deh Now, Fars province
Origin: Fars
Children: –
Perpetrator: her father
Excuse: ‘honor’

On Thursday, March 24, in the village of Deh Now in Iran’s Fars province, 20-year-old Ziynat Mazidi was beaten to death with an iron bar by her father.

Her father reportedly killed her because she had decided to get a divorce.

In Iran, fathers who kill their daughters for honor are often given 3 to 5 years in prison because of a number of dated articles of law. In 2021, similar sharia-based articles of law were removed in Syria and Sudan in order to bring their own laws more in line with those of the international community.

We would welcome any leads.

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