Sima, mother of two, was probably beaten to death by her husband in the cemetery

Age of death: –
Beaten to death: December 6, 2020
Residence: Tehran
Ethnicity: Fars
Children: 2
Perpetrator: her husband Reza
Excuse: Dispute over divorce

At the Tehran District Court, a case came before the judges against Reza who allegedly beat his wife Sima to death after an argument in the cemetery. Sima’s sister said that she was worried when Sima had not shown up for an appointment and that she called her and a woman answered the phone and said that Sima was not feeling well and had fallen in the cemetery.
She rushed to the cemetery and found her half-dead sister there who was then quickly taken to the hospital. Sima died a few hours later. Doctors said the cause of death was a brain hemorrhage. Sima’s sister pointed to Sima’s husband as the likely culprit.

After this statement, Reza had to report to the police station.  There he stated that he had nothing to do with his wife’s death. He said that his wife sometimes went to the cemetery and that something may have happened to her there.

A few days later, Sima’s sister found the woman who had answered her sister’s cell phone and she took her to the police to give the following testimony, “I was at the cemetery when I saw a young woman lying on the ground and I went to her to help her. Further away was a man, who was behaving very suspiciously. I do not remember the man’s face, but I am sure that he had done something to this young woman.”

The forensic pathologist stated that the injuries on Simra’s body indicate that she was probably beaten and defended herself with her hands.

Neighbors confirmed that they heard Sima and Reza arguing hours before Simra’s disappearance.

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