According to the UN definition, a feminicide is: "the murder of a woman because she is a woman", that is to say the murder of a woman for her condition as a woman. Everyday women & girls in Iran are killed by their own family members. Murderers justify their crimes, citing excuses ranging from anger to “honor.”Many deaths are unreported or forgiven in the courts. Many victims remain nameless. This must end. Join us to say no to femicide.

The term Femicide came to light when Diana E. H. Russel used the term while testifying to the women attending the first International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women In Brussels, Belgium in 1976. The term is defined as “the killing of females by males because they are female” and it encompasses all types of killing of females including “stoning to death of females; murders of females for so-called "honor;" rape murders; murders of women and girls by their husbands, boyfriends, and dates” along with many other types of murder. The creation of this term results from men seeing themselves better and more superior to females. As females are labeled invaluable, male are able to kill females and experience little to no serious consequences. The murders are philosophically justified to men as males have established females as the subordinate gender.


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Lives Not Just Numbers – Femicide Map Iran

  • Many acts of femicide happen in silence, behind closed doors. Victims are sometimes left on desolate routes or quietly buried, some without headstones that mark their names. For these reasons, obtaining accurate data on femicide is a challenging task. StopFemicideIran assembles statistics and information about cases of femicide in Iran. We utilize multiple sources including local and national news, social media and grassroots reports.
  •  Although acts of femicid occur in all parts of the country, based on available data, they are most prominent in 5 provinces
  • Although given the current laws it is not easy to hold the perpetrators accountable for these murders, from a sociological perspective, it is important to understand the profile of perpetrators who commit these murders. According to the available data, most murders of women are committed by spouses, brothers, and fathers, but they are all committed by sons, cousins, inlaws, and others.

Femicide Map Iran

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